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Template:Unreferenced stub right Kaylaka (Template:Lang-bg) is a large park and protected area south of Pleven, Bulgaria, situated in a Karst valley. The park is spread over 10 km² and is surrounded by sheer cliffs that suggest favourable conditions for rock climbing. The ruins of the Roman fortress of Storgosia are located in Kaylaka, as well as ponds and reservoirs with boats and pedalos, a swimming pool, hotels, cafés, restaurants, discothèques and playgrounds.

Arguably the most important figure with connection to the park is General Lieutenant Ivan Vinarov, the first chairman of an initiative committee which set up the Kaylaka People's Park at the place of the Sokol Hunting Park in 1946. Under Vinarov the protected park territory was enlarged almost four times and several reservoirs were constructed.

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