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Template:Infobox German location Kenn is a municipality in the Trier-Saarburg district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


The name comes from the Latin characteristics and was formerly Cannis (Latin canna = Reed, lat = Cannis reed banks) written. The town was first mentioned in 893. The spelling was used as characteristic from the 1700th

There are several findings from the Iron Age and Roman finds in there were several characteristics. A statue of a Roman nymph is in good state of preservation in the Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier and a copy of Characteristics in the Roman Court.

At today's connoisseur-Ley is the old post road, this is part of a Roman road that led from Trier to Bingen.

Under French territorial sovereignty characteristic of the Mairie Longuich allocated in Canton Schweich. The Maximiner Hofgut was sold 1812th Between 1803 and 1808, was characteristic Sukkursalpfarrei and was then up to the final establishment of a parish church as a chapel with a vicar.


  • Directly on the Moselle is the connoisseurs corridor, interspersed with sand and gravel, arable (alluvial) land of the Moselle, where since 1905, is also both eliminated. The connoisseurs corridor is a designated nature reserve with an old waterworks Year 1903.
  • Museum, a fully equipped farmhouse with over 800 exhibits about the simple life of the rural population in the 19th and 20th century.
  • Part of a Roman villa from the 2nd Urbana Century (Römerkeller am Romerplatz).
  • Hofgut the abbey St. Maximin
  • Herrenbor (ancient wells) in the main road: the oldest in the district, he was constructed in 1500 and late Gothic features.
  • Parish Church of St. Margaret
  • The connoisseurs Ley west of the village, a constructed bluff lot about 60 feet above the Moselle valley with good training and distance vision.

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Economy and Infrastructure

In characteristic, there is a Catholic. Kindergarten, a primary school, a branch of the Sparkasse Trier and the self-service food market Real Markt a branch of the Volksbank Trier.


  • B.O.H. Office GmbH - organization - mbH
  • DEG of the roof registered cooperative branch Trier on Kenner Haus
  • Edeka Union self-service wholesale GmbH characteristic
  • Fasieco construction machines and vehicles GmbH along Route 145
  • Tile Center Germany GmbH Branch Trier formerly tile center Kenn
  • Karlsberg brewery GmbH / Karlsberg composite
   Karlsberg composite:
   * Karlberg distribution center Trier - Kenn
* Okko Beverages Ltd.
* Servi Plus Machines-Service GmbH
* St. Ingberter transport and forwarding Co., Ltd. (STG)
  • Kenner concrete Nicholas Eiden GmbH
  • Medelo Michael Longen registered trader (eK.) dealer for medical equipment and consumables
  • Mosel shopping mall characteristics (MEZ), opened along Route 145, in September 1969, with changing owners
  • Quint GmbH + Co. KG meat


Characteristic lies on the route of the former railway Mosel. Through the village leads the Moselle bicycle route.


The following highways leading from / to Kenn

  • A 1-Wittlich Saarbrücken-Cologne-Euskirchen
  • A 64 Luxembourg (where Autoroute 1) - Kenn
  • A 602 leads from Kenn into the A 1

Public Transit

Public transport is operated by the bus during Moselbahn.

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