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thumb Template:Unreferenced The Klinikum Großhadern of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich in the Großhadern district of Hadern is the largest hospital complex in Munich, owing to its affiliated institutions and 1,418 beds. In 1994 the new buildings of the Genzentrum (gene centre) belonging to the LMU were put into operation and in 1999 the entire chemical/pharmaceutical faculty was relocated to the HighTech CampusLMU in Hadern. After the merger with the Klinikum Innenstadt, the building forms one of the largest hospital complexes in Germany. Since this merger, the exact definition of the complex is Klinikum der Universität München - Standort Großhadern.

The organ transplantation department of the clinic is one of the leading organ transplantation clinics in Germany. All clinically established forms of organ transplantation are implemented, e.g. Heart, Heart & Lung (simultaneously), Lungs (one or two) Pancreas, Kidney and Pancreas & Kidney simultaneously.

Aside from patient care the clinic also plays an important role in clinical and theoretical research, and student education. Attached to the clinic is a school of nursing.

Because of the aluminium facade of the bed house, the area is known as "the toaster", a nickname often used by students.

Emergency Services

As well as accommodating vehicles used for the emergencies, the clinic is also a base for the "Christoph München" rescue helicopter.

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