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File:NVA LaSK Orbat.svg
Structure of the GDR National People's Army Land Forces, as to December 1, 1986.

The Kommando Landstreitkräfte (short: Kdo LaSK or Kommando LaSK) was the Army staff — and simultaneously the Army command of the National People's Army (NPA) Land Forces (de: Landstreitkräfte) of the former GDR.


On December 1, 1972 the Kommando LaSK was established under the command of LG Horst Stechbarth as independent Army Staff, and Main Army Command of the Land Forces, a Military branch of the GDR National People's Army. As HQ served the former barracks of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, built by Ernst Sagebiel in 1936, and located in the area of the Wildpark Potsdam.

It was disbanded together with the NPA in 1990. The legal successor became the Bundeswehrkommando Ost under LG Jörg Schönbohm. Today the “Einsatzführungskommando of the Bundeswehr“ is stationed in this Barracks.

Command and Organization

Command, Control, and Communications

The main task of the NPA Army Command was to provide Command, Control and Communications (C3) to the military branch as the whole, as well as to the subordinated corps-sized commands, officer's high schools, groups, organizations, and units of the NPA's Land Forces.

Under deployment conditions, and in line with the situation awareness C3 had to be executed from the Component Headquarters in Geltow, Field Component Headquarters or Operations Centers.

Commanding generals of the NPA Army Command


Military rank, name Period of service Remark
Lieutenant general Horst Stechbarth December 1, 1972 – December 31, 1989 from March 1, 1976 Colonel general
Lieutenant general Horst Skerra January 1, 1990 – September 14, 1990 as of September 30, 1990 retired
Major general Hans-Christian Reiche September 15, 1990 – October 2, 1990 as of October 2, 1990 retired

The commanding general was competent, mandated and authorized to provide tasks and orders direct to the subordinated deputies. He was assisted by a so-called Militärrat of the Army Command, the highest HQ advisory body on deputy level.


The command was composed by the following establishment:

Deputy Minister and Commander-in-chief Army (3 star level) with the military advisor
Deputy of the Commander Army Command (DC Army Command) and Chief of the Political Division (2 star level) with
  • Three branches including Chief Party Control Commission (de: PKK), Central Party Leadership (de: ZPL), Spec-Propaganda, and Political Branch of the Kdo LSK/LV
DC Army Command and Chief of Staff (CS) (2 star level) with
  • Assistant Chief Of Staff (ACOS) and G3 (1 star level) with
  • Branch 1
  • Branch 2
  • ACOS and Chief General Tasks with
  • Staff company, guard company and vehicle company
  • Chief G1 with PTA and WTA
  • Chief Organization/Replenishment with
  • Branch Organization
  • Branch Replenishment
  • Chief RECON
  • Chief General-Military Training and Schools (de: AMAS)
  • Chief G6 with
  • Branches 1, 2 and 8th section
  • Chief Mil Scientific (de: MiWi)
  • Chief Chemical Services (de: CD)
DC Army and Chief G4 (de. RD) (2 star level) with
  • AC and CS G4 (1 Star level)
  • Chief Medical Service
  • Chief Combat Engineer Service
  • Chief Military Architecture Accommodation (de: MBU)
  • Chief Military Transport (de: MTW)
  • Chief Closing and Equipment (de: BA)
Chief SAM Forces (de. FRT)
Chief Army Aviation
Military prosecutor
Division 2000
- Here the branch G2 with responsibility to the military branch Land Forces of the National People's Army

Furthermore generals of the NPA Army Command

Name Military rank Position Remark
Engelhardt, Lothar Major general
  • Chief RECON
  • DC Army Command and Chief of Staff
last Chief of the NPA
Großer, Roland Major general
  • DC Army Command and Chief Missile corps and Artillery
  • DC Army Command and Chief of Staff
Handke, Heiny Lieutenant general
  • DC Army Command on Training
  • DC Army Command and Chief of Staff
Winter, Werner Major general DC Army Command on Training

Subordinated commands, fotces, units, and organizations

To the NPA Army Command subordinated were:

  • Command military district III (de: Kommando Militärbezirk III, Kdo. MB-III) with headquarters
  • Command military district V (de: Kommando Militärbezirk V, Kdo. MB-V) with headquarters
  • 40th Artillery brigade (de: 40. Artilleriebrigade, 40. ABr)
  • Training's-technical center 40 (de: Ausbildungs-Technisches Zentrum 40, ATZ-40)
  • Paratrooper-training's-base 40 (de: Fallschirmjägerausbildungsbasis, FJABas-40)
  • Air defence missile training's center 40 (de: Fla-Raketenausbildungszentrum 40, FRAZ-40)
  • Multiple rocket launcher battalion 40 (de: Geschoßwerferabteilung 40, GeWA-40)
  • Engineer construction battalion 40 (de: Ingenieurbaubataillon 40, IBB-40)
  • Air assault regiment 40 (de: Luftsturmregiment 40, LStR-40)
  • Miltaty technical school of the Land forces "Erich Habersaath"
  • Signal battalion 40 (de: Nachrichtenbataillon 40, NB-40)
  • Officers high school of the Land forces "Ernst Thälmann"
  • Office's high school of foreign miitary-kadre (de: Offiziershochschule für ausländische Militärkader "Otto Winzer")
  • Engineer construction battailon 40 (de: Pionierbaubataillon 40, PiBB-40)
  • Missile training's center 40 (de: Raketenausbildungszentrum 40, RAZ-40)
  • Guard- and support-battalion 40 (de: Wach- und Sicherstellungsbataillon 40, WSB-40)

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