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File:Stuttgart Kunstmuseum 1.jpg
Glass facade of Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is a contemporary and modern art museum in Stuttgart, Germany, built and opened in 2005.


The cubic museum building with 5000 m² of display space was designed by Berlin architects Hascher and Jehle. During the day it looks like a glass cube, and at nights the interior lighted limestone walls become visible.

thumb sculpture in the left foreground]]


The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart museum's collection comes from the previous "Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart". The city's collection goes back to a gift from the Marchese Silvio della Valle di Casanova in 1924.

It contains one of the most important collections of the work of Otto Dix and also works from Willi Baumeister, Adolf Hölzel, Dieter Roth, and others.

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