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Template:For Template:Refimprove Template:Infobox settlement La Condamine is the second oldest district in Monaco, after Monaco-Ville. It is known for its distinctive wide harbor and moored expensive yachts.


Location in Monaco

By broad definition, it is one of the four traditional quartiers. However, it is more specifically one of the ten modern "Wards of Monaco", its traditional area also including the modern Wards of Moneghetti, Les Revoires, and La Colle.

History and features

The name comes from the Middle Ages and means the cultivable land at the foot of a village or castle. Today the port of Monaco and a thriving business district of Template:Convert are located in La Condamine. After a recent expansion of Port Hercule La Condamine has been expanded by Template:Convert which was completed in 2010.

Part of the Formula 1 racetrack snakes through the ward and part of the harbor.

The municipal Princess Antoinette Park, named for Princess Antoinette of Monaco is located in the La Condamine ward.<ref name='Mon'>Template:Cite web</ref>

The yacht belonging to the Prince of Monaco is usually berthed in La Condamine's large harbour, the Port of Hercules.


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