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The district of La Part-Dieu is located in the 3rd arrondissement of the City of Lyon. It is the second most important area of the city after the Presqu'île. This district is the second-largest business district Template:Citation needed of France after La Défense in the Paris area, with over 1,600,000m² of office space and services and more than 40,000 jobs. Located east of the Rhone, Part-Dieu is a major transport and commercial gateway for Europe, as the very busy Lyon-Part-Dieu railway station is located in the district. The shopping mall is one of the largest shopping malls in all of Europe.


The metro line Template:Lyon Metro icon, four lines of tramways (T1, T3, T4 and Rhônexpress) as well as numerous buses link the district to the rest of the city and its metropolitan area.

In 2010, the district was linked to Lyon Saint Éxupery International airport. It now takes less than 30 minutes to go to the airport from Part-Dieu.

Since 2012 La Part-Dieu is served with the new 'green' line, tram T4.

The train station and airport are both facing saturation. The station was originally built to welcome about 35 000 passengers per day and is today facing 140 000 passengers a day (51.1 million per year 2010). Many projects are being thought of to sort these problems. The airport is also facing saturation, Two projects were accepted to face the previsions of trafic for years 2012 and 2020. The first one was the creation of a new boarding 'satellite' connected to terminal 3. The second one is still being studied, it consists in rebuilding terminal 3, and terminal one towards the airports train station.


La Part-Dieu was originally built to be a local business district. But it ended up growing very fast. The mall together with most of the buildings, the LCL tower and the station were all built around the 70s. The district is expanding very fast and facing quite a lot of demand for offices. The new Oxygen tower and the Incity Tower are a proof. The attractiveness of the district is growing as well due to the fact that the prices for offices are much lower than the ones in La Defense.


All sorted by current height :

  • Tour Eva (Proposed) project launched by Swiss Life, possibly in 2017-2019 (220 m)
  • Tour Incity (Under construction) to be completed by 2015 (200 m)
  • Two Lyon (Approval) Twin towers office and Hotel, to be completed by 2017-2018 (170 m)
  • Tour du Crédit Lyonnais completed in 1975 (165 m)
  • Tour Oxygene Completed in 2010 (115 m)
  • Tour Swiss Life (Bank & Insurance) 80 m
  • Tour Silex 1 and Silex 2 Silex 1 complete in the 1970s and Silex 2 by 2014, adjacent to Silex 1 (Silex 1 is the actual 'Tour EDF', but the whole project was renamed SIlex 1&2 afterwards). Silex 1 – 80 m (planned for 110 m) and Silex 2 planned for 2014 about 120 m.
  • Sky 56 Approval, office to be completed by 2016 (56 m)

At the 2012 MIPIM in Cannes, Gerard Collomb, the city mayor, announced the rehabilitation of the station, by 'opening it to the city this consist in making an open station where you can go through freely. Also confirmed, the consuction of two towers near the station, one on the Milan Square (Place de Milan) znd another one named ' Hotel Cluster ' which would consist in 4 towers from 70m to 120m approximately, through 90m and 100m. The roof of the mall will also be rehabilitated and a big terrace will be installed on the top. It has also been decided to extend the district southern, and construct new mildings there, most of them will probably be under 100 meters, one of them, the Sky 56 is bound to become an emblem of the district by its new and ambitious architecture.


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