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Template:UnreferencedTemplate:Infobox lake Snagov (Romanian: Lacul Snagov) is a lake in Snagov municipality, about 25–30 km north of Bucharest, Romania. It has a surface of only 5.75 km², but due to its elongated shape it stretches for about 12 km, northeast to southwest.

Lake Snagov as well as the nearby Snagov forest is a protected natural area.

  • "Snagov Lake (Aria Naturala Protejata Lacul Snagov - ANPLS) has about 150 hectares in size and protect about 20 species.
  • "Snagov Forrest" (Aria Naturala Protejata Lacul Snagov - ANPLS) has about 10 hectares. For both of them is required further help and assistance to preserve the biodiversity (over 20 protected species).

Snagov monastery is situated on an islet near the lake's northeastern end, just across Snagov Stadium.

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