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Larvotto is a north eastern residential and tourist area; part of the traditional Quartier of Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco.<ref name=autogenerated4>Census</ref> It is also one of the ten modern administrative Wards of Monaco.<ref name=autogenerated4 />


Larvotto is the largest Ward in Monaco in terms of population, and the second largest in terms of land size; Fontvieille is first. Larvotto has a Population of 5,443 and is 0.34 km².<ref name=autogenerated4 />

Monaco has ten state-operated schools, four private schools, and one university. There are no state schools and private schools located in this district.<ref>Schooling & Education in Monaco - AngloINFO Monaco (France)</ref> There are also very few government offices located in this district, except for Monaco's only convention center, and two regional police stations.<ref>Monaco - Convention Bureau / Business & Meetings / Official site of Monaco</ref>


Larvotto comprises the north eastern end of the country, just east of Monte Carlo.<ref name=autogenerated3>Monaco - Geography / About Monaco / Monaco Official Site</ref> Larvotto is generally considered part of Monte Carlo, even though it is its own administrative Ward.<ref name=autogenerated3 /> Its boards run directly along the neighboring French towns of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and Beausoleil, as well as the Monégasque Wards of, Monte Carlo and La Rousse/Saint Roman.<ref name=autogenerated3 />

About a third of Larvotto has been reclaimed from the sea.<ref name=autogenerated4 /> This mostly comes from three auras, a 4 hectare Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Monaco's new convention center the Grimaldi Forum, and the Japanese Garden.<ref>Monte-Carlo Bay: A high class 4 star hotel with a relaxed atmosphere | Monte-Carlo Bay</ref>


Larvotto is more of residential area, but there are many chain-owned hotels, that can be found along the Mediterranean Sea, helping Monaco's high end tourist industry.<ref name=autogenerated3 />

Larvotto is also the name of Monaco's only public beach. Larvotto Beach is a vary well travailed tourist spot, and boasts the Monaco International Fireworks Competition.<ref>Larvotto Beach</ref>


Larvotto takes after Monte Carlo in being one of the more residential/tourist areas in Monaco.<ref>Monaco - Walks / Places to visit / Monaco Official Site</ref> For instance Le Meridien Beach Plaza is located here. Its location within Monaco makes it an easy walking detection,<ref>Explore Monaco | Le Méridien Beach Plaza | Hotel in Monaco | Official Website</ref> also because it has so many parks, many people are choosing to move here from neighboring Saint Roman and other Wards.<ref>Real Estate Monaco Monte-Carlo</ref>

Avenue Princess Grace located alongside Larvotto Beach was the world's most expensive street to live on.<ref name=autogenerated1>The 10 Most Expensive Streets in the World [2011 Update] - Overseas Property Blog :: guide to international real estate investment</ref> The Wall Street Journal reported that the average place went for about Template:Convert making it the most expensive street in the world for years 2008-2010.<ref name=autogenerated1 /><ref>The 10 Most Expensive Streets in the World - The Wealth Report - WSJ</ref><ref>Credit crunch reaches world's most expensive streets | Money |</ref><ref>Princesse-Grace, « rue la plus chère du monde » | Nice-Matin</ref><ref>Real Estate Monaco Monte-Carlo</ref> Housing here Averages 10% to 20% more than neighboring La Rousse/Saint Roman or Saint Michel.<ref>Real Estate Monaco Monte-Carlo - Listings building Buckingham Palace</ref>

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