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File:Praha, Letná, sad.jpg
Letná Park on Letná
Letná is a hill overlooking Prague historic centre and Vltava River just besides Prague Castle. It neighbors the Stromovka (the largest park in Prague) and Letná parks. The hill belongs to Holešovice and Bubene? quarters of Prague 7.

The main part of Letná is Letná Plain (Letenská plá?), a large empty plain and Letná Park (Letenské sady) popular for summer strolls and informal sports (inline skating and jogging being the most popular here). The Letná hill's role in Prague is similar to NY Central Park.

Due to its position it used to be the venue for the largest Stalin statue in Europe. The statue was torn down in 1960's.

The football stadium of AC Sparta Prague, Generali Arena, is also located here.