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The Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali "Guido Carli" (Italian for Free International University for Social Studies "Guido Carli"), often abbreviated as "LUISS", is a private university founded in 1974 in Rome, Italy.

It was established as an independent institution by a consortium of private and public companies that reorganised a pre-existing institution, the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali-Pro Deo, founded in 1966.

There are four departments: Law, Economics and Finance, Business and Management and Political science.

The university is well known in Italy given its close connections to the business and entrepreneurial world and thanks to its main sponsor Confindustria, the Italian confederation of industries.

LUISS also hosts the Journalism School "Massimo Baldini", the LUISS Business School and the LUISS School of Government. In 2013 the School of European Political Economy has also been established.


LUISS University traces its origins back to the transformation of a pre-existing Roman institution: Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali-Pro Deo, founded in 1966.

In 1974 a group of businessmen led by Umberto Agnelli decided to invest people and money in a project for the education and training of a managerial class. In later years, the founders were joined by other important public- and private-sector industrial groups and banks.

In 1977 the University officially changed its name to Libera Università Internaziolnale degli Studi Sociali – LUISS. A year later the then chairman of the Italian Confederation of Industry (Confindustria), Guido Carli, was appointed as President of the University. He remained President of the University until his death in 1993.

In 1982, LUISS expanded and a Law faculty was added.

In 1986, LUISS Business School was established.

In 1994, the Board of Directors decided to name the university after Guido Carli death.

In 1997, LUISS Management S.p.A. was set up to cater for market-oriented education.

In 2010, the LUISS School of Government was established.

In 2013, the LUISS School of Political Economy was also established.


According to the traditional Italian ranking "Censis-Repubblica", LUISS places first in Italy for the Law and Political Science departments and third for the Economics ones.

In the 2010 Vision study, LUISS ranks sixth in the absolute national ranking and second in the normalized one.

Relating to scientific research, the recent (2010) study of the ANVUR, the governmental institution responsible for the control and evaluation of university research, puts LUISS in second place (with the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) among small universities.


Among notable professors there are Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Leonardo Morlino, Massimo Egidi, Sergio Fabbrini, Roberto Pessi, Marcello Clarich, Paola Severino (former Minister of Justice), Marcello Messori, Michel Martone, Antonio Catricalà and others.


  • Elisabetta Belloni, General Director of Cooperation and Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Rosy Bindi, politician, President of the Partito Democratico
  • Daniele Capezzone, politician
  • Lorenzo Cesa, politician
  • Giovanni Chiodi, politician
  • Raffaele de Mucci, sociologist and political scientist
  • Roberto Diacetti, CEO of ATAC SpA
  • Giovanni Fiori, extraordinary commissar for Alitalia
  • Giovanni Floris, journalist
  • Giampiero Massolo, Embassador and General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Carlo Messina, CEO of Banca Intesa San Paolo
  • Massimo Moratti, former President of "Internazionale F.C." and CEO of "Saras"
  • Massimo Nordio, CEO of Volkswagen Group Italia
  • Fausto Palombelli, General Director of Sagat SpA Aeroporto di Torino-Caselle
  • Fabio Panetta, economist
  • Ruggero Parrotto, Director of Research and Development of Poste italiane
  • Andrea Sarubbi, journalist and politician
  • Dario Scannapieco, Vice President of the European Investment Bank
  • Raoul Romoli Venturi, External Relations Director of Ferrero SpA


Father Andrea F. Morlion, from the founding to 31 October 1975

Monsignor Carlo Ferrero, from 1 November 1975 to 31 October 1978

Mr. Guido Carli, from 1 November 1978 to 23 April 1993

Mr. Luigi Abete, from 1 November 1993 to 18 July 2001

Mr. Antonio D’Amato, from 18 July 2001 to 20 December 2004

Mr. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, from 20 December 2004 to 15 July 2010

Mrs. Emma Marcegaglia, from 15 July 2010


Prof. Roberto Lucifredi, from 1 November 1966 to 27 July 1974

Prof. Giuseppe Mira, from 1 November 1974 to 31 October 1977

Prof. Rosario Romeo, from 1 November 1978 to 16 July 1984

Prof. Carlo Luigi Scognamiglio, from 1 November 1984 to 18 June 1992

Prof. Mario Arcelli, from 16 July 1992 to 30 September 2002

Prof. Adriano De Maio, from 1 October 2002 to 16 June 2005

Prof. Marcello Foschini, from 16 June 2005

Prof. Massimo Egidi, from 1 October 2006

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