Liberty Square (Budapest)

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File:Szabadság tér - Budapest.jpg
Szabadság tér - Budapest

Liberty Square (Template:Lang-hu) is a public square located in the Lipótváros neighborhood of Budapest, Hungary.

The square is a mix of business and residential. The United States Embassy in Hungary and the headquarters for the Hungarian National Bank are located in the square.<ref name=Steves/> The Bank of Hungary building is in the historicist style of architecture.<ref name=turp/> Some buildings on the square are designed in the Art Nouveau style.<ref name=Steves/> Two buildings were designed by Ignác Alpár.<ref name=turp/> There are monuments for Ronald Reagan and Harry Hill Bandholtz. There is also a monument for Soviet occupation of Hungary.<ref name=Steves>Template:Cite book</ref> It was designed by Károly Antal.<ref name=turp/>


A prison ("Újépület") that had previously occupied the space, was the site of the execution of Prime Minister Lajos Batthyány in 1849, following the Hungarian Revolution.<ref name=turp>Template:Cite book</ref> The building was destroyed in 1897 and the square was built thereafter.