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Library for Iranian Studies is a major Persian library in Acton district of London, England. It has over 30,000 books in the Persian language, as well as English and other languages. The library receives no governmental funding and is voluntary controlled.

The main services of the Library include:

  • Books, manuscripts, and CDs for reference and loan
  • Persian newspapers and periodicals
  • Free access to PCs including the Internet
  • Enquiry services and community information
  • Black and white photocopier
  • Persian classes
  • Lectures on different cultural, historical and social issues

At present there are over 30,000 cultural and political books and other publications for public use.

Our library services are for all the community. There is a small admin fee of £3.00 to join. There is no minimum age limit and you do not have to live in London to become a member. All you need to do is to come to the library, complete the registration form, provide your ID with address, pay your membership fee and receive your membership card later. If you don’t live in London and would like to receive online resources, such as newsletters, you need to complete the online registration form.


The library was opened on November 16, 1991 with only 2,500 books in a rented premises. However after financial support by members of the Iranian community in London the owners were able to purchase new premises which was opened to public on April 9, 1994.


As well as being a centre for academic research on Iranian culture, politics and history, the library hosts range of classes to teach Persian language, as well as other events.



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