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Little Portugal is an area in South London, specifically around Stockwell, where there is a large Portuguese community. To some extent, the area geographically corresponds with the South Lambeth area.


Many families from Portugal first settled in the area during the 1960s and 1970s. Many worked in the catering and hospitality trade, with some women gaining a reputation as efficient and courteous domestic servants. Later, others, with their savings, started to open restaurants on the South Lambeth Road.Template:Citation needed

Modern community

There are estimated to be some 27,000 Portuguese in this part of London, which makes it one of the largest communities within the 500,000 strong Portuguese British population. There is also a sizable Brazilian community residing in Little Portugal as well.Template:Citation needed

Many London Portuguese can trace their origins to Madeira.Template:Citation needed Another area in London with a considerable Portuguese population is the Golborne Road area in Notting Hill, and other areas around Ladbroke Grove.Template:Citation needed

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