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Longfield Academy is a state secondary school in Kent, England. it is part of The Leigh Academies Trust and occupies the site where Axton Chase used to be. Longfield Academy moved into new buildings in July 2011. It has 877 pupils.

Electronic learning

The Academy aims to provide students with new ways to learn and reach their potential. The Academy is providing every student with an iPad 2 for use in their everyday education. The iPads link to electronic whiteboards.<ref name=dm>Template:Cite news</ref> The ultimate aim of this project supported by Apple is to remove the need for physical books within the Academy thus making long term savings and providing students with a virtually limitless amount of renewable information. This move attracted some controversy with the Daily Mail claiming it would "lead to an increase in the number of pupils viewing porn".<ref name=dm/> However the Metro reported that most parents supported the scheme.



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