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The Luitpold-Gymnasium is a secondary school in Munich, Germany. It was established by Prince Luitpold of Bavaria in 1891 as "Luitpold-Kreisrealschule" to serve the eastern part of the city and its suburbs. It stood in the Alexandrastrasse opposite the National Museum.

The building was almost completely destroyed by incendiary bombing in 1944, leaving only parts of the facade and the gymnasium (sports hall). The school shared the facilities of the Wilhelms gymnasium until 1958 when it was able to move into a new building on Seeaustraße 1.

The school introduced the Kollegstufe system in 1975 and became co-educational in 1983. Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Nobel prize winning physicist, is not an alumnus of this school; he attended today's Albert Einstein Gymnasium in Munich, which was then called Luitpold Gymnasium.

Notable alumni

  • Abraham Fraenkel (1891 – 1965), mathematician

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