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Mühlburg, formerly a town on its own right, is a borough located in the West of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The name Mühlburg could be translated as Mill-castle and refers to a water mill and a water castle located at the site where a Roman road once crossed the small river Alb.


Mühlburg was first mentioned and referred to as Mulenberc in 1248. In 1258 there was the first mentioning of a castle being owned by Rudolf I Margrave of Baden

In 1274 Mühlburg was, as many neighbouring settlements, occupied by Rudolph of Habsburg. In 1670 Mühlbrug received town privileges and just a few years before Karlsruhe a “letter of freedom” was issued, which relaxed the requirements for craftsmen and new citizens to settle down.

It is believed that the Margraves of Baden planned the expansion of Mühlburg. Any plans of such kind came to a halt in 1689. Following the orders of Louis XIV of France to destroy the margravate of Baden („Ruinez les pays de Bade“), Mühlburg and its castle were destroyed by French troops during the Nine Years' War.

The castle was never rebuilt thereafter and the ruins of the castle were used as building material for a newly founded palace nearby out of which the future city of Karlsruhe would develop.

Mühlburg finally became a borough of Karlsruhe in 1886.

Notable people

Mühlburg is the birthplace of Karl Benz (1844–1929), inventor of the automobile and founder of Benz & Cie..


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