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Template:Infobox Deutsche Bahn station München Ost (German for Munich East, also called München Ostbahnhof) is a railway station in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It was constructed as Haidhausen station in 1871 as part of the railway lines to Neuötting/Mühldorf and Rosenheim. The station is the third interregional station in Munich next to München-Pasing in the west of Munich and München Hauptbahnhof in the city centre.


  • 1 May 1871 Opening of the station as part of the line to Neuötting
  • 15 October 1871 Opening of the line to Rosenheim
  • 15 October 1876 Renaming of the station into München Ost
  • 1927 Electrification
  • April 1944 Station damaged by air raids
  • 1972 The station becomes part of the Munich S-Bahn network
  • 1988 The station becomes part of the Munich U-Bahn network
  • 1999 Refurbishment of the station building

Operational usage

The station has 17 tracks. Tracks 1-5 are use by the S-Bahn, tracks 6-8 and 11-14 are used by regional and interregional traffic. Tracks 9, 10 and 15 are through tracks. Tracks 16 and 17 are used by auto trains

Mainly InterCity/EuroCity services to Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna in Austria, Italy and South-eastern Europe depart from this station. Some ICE services to Vienna and Innsbruck stop here.

There are regional services departing from this station to many destinations in Chiemgau and eastern Bavaria.


The Ostbahnhof (the name of the S-Bahn part of the station) was refurbished under the Takt 10 project. As an endpoint of the backbone tunnel of Munich's S-Bahn system all lines pass through the station, except S20, S27 and the A-Line. Lines S2, S4 and S8 continue via platform 5 further east. The lines S5 and S6 change direction and continue further south to Giesing. The lines S1 and S7 terminate at platforms 4 and 5. The trains to the tunnel depart from platforms 1-3.


Since 1988 there is a U-Bahn service to Ostbahnhof by the line U5. It continues south to Neuperlach Süd via Innsbrucker Ring and east to Laimer Platz via Max-Weber-Platz, Hauptbahnhof and Theresienwiese. The line services the station every ten minutes (five in rush-hours).


The Ostbahnhof stop of the Munich tramway is immediately in front of the station, and served by route Template:ÖPNV München.

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