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Campus Venlo is a Satellite Campus of Maastricht University located in Venlo, approximately 80 km north of Maastricht.


Maastricht University opened a front-office in Venlo in 1999 to strengthen the knowledge economy of the North Limburg region. Based in the chamber of commerce of Venlo, Campus Venlo developed successful activities like a Studium Generale programme and the TEAM Venlo project. Due to the successful experiences from these projects, the decision was made to expand the Campus. In 2009, the Campus moved to the building of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, to house its two new Master’s programmes, Global Supply Chain Management and Change, and Health Food Innovation Management. To accommodate the growing number of students, the Campus moved in the summer of 2012 to its new location on the Deken van Oppensingel. Campus Venlo aims at expanding the Campus with a Bachelor’s programme in September 2014.


Campus Venlo is located in the city center of Venlo. Since 2012, it is housed adjacent to the Julianapark in a 1930s building at the Deken van Oppensingel. The location is close to the Venlo railway station, the Limburgs Museum, Museum van Bommel van Dam, and CityCinema Venlo.


Maastricht University currently offers two Master's programmes in Venlo, Global Supply Chain Management and Change, and Health Food Innovation Management. Both programmes are offered exclusively in English. The Global Supply Chain Management and Change Master's programme is a one year programme offered by the Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics. The Master Health Food Innovation Management lasts two years, and is offered by Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

University College Venlo

In November 2013, Maastricht University, the municipality of Venlo, and the Province of Limburg announced their plans to open a Bachelor's programme in September 2014, University College Venlo (UCV). This Liberal arts college will allow students to obtain a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts within three years. The course content of UCV will be strongly related to the strengths of the region Venlo: agribusiness, health food innovation, logistics, and Cradle-to-cradle design. Students are challenged to develop an innovation and valorisation mindset within this academic setting.