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Maddox Arts is a gallery of contemporary art founded in 2007. It is based behind Claridge's hotel in the West End of London, at 52 Brook's Mews. The gallery fosters some of the new and emerging artists both in the UK and internationally. It also promotes Latin-American art including Argentinean collective, Mondongo and Venezuelan artist, Magdalena Fernandez.


Maddox Arts first opened in October 2007, with the group show 'Irrational Exuberance'. The original owners were David Gonzalez and Juan Manuel Gonzalez Mantero, two financiers who originally found a space on Maddox Street, but later moved the gallery to a busier location on Brook's Mews. In 2008 the Gallery was sold to Mario Palencia who took control of Maddox Arts. The gallery maintained its location, name and identity which had already been established with some ambitious and varied shows from international artists. Maddox Arts not only exhibits International Contemporary Art, but also art from South and Central America.

Maddox Arts Gallery has put on exhibitions curated by curators such as James Putnam. These include 'Viva Lolita' in 2008; a show inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's iconic novel, Lolita, which brought together eighteen international contemporary artists such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Trevor Brown, Nick Ruston, Charlotte Beaudry, Nazif Topcuoglu and Young British Artist, Mat Collishaw.

Gallery Artists

Maddox Arts Gallery has worked with a variety of international contemporary and modern artists including Artists Anonymous, Jens Lucking, Stu Mead, Temsuyanger Longkumer and it currently represents Caroline Rothwell, Emi Miyashita, Vicente Grondona and Mondongo as well as Magdalena Fernandez, among many others.Template:Citation needed

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