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Template:For Template:Infobox stadium Madrid Arena is an indoor arena located in the city of Madrid, at the fairgrounds in the Casa de Campo, just minutes from downtown. Built from the old Rocódromo, the pavilion has been designed by Spanish architects Estudio Cano Lasso who designed this versatile building in 2001 to host sporting events, commercial, cultural and leisure activities. The pavilion was sponsored by the company Telefónica for what was also known by the name of Telefónica Arena.


The arena was built in 2002 as part of the facilities planned for the Madrid 2012 Olympic bid. It was expected to house basketball competitions. The first phase was about in 2002, expanded the following year.

It is distributed on three floors (access, intermediate and low). Its central court has three retractable bleachers, allowing the surface vary depending on the type of event.

The pavilion features a Satellite Pavilion, with an area of 2,100 m²and it was the location of the Mutua Madrileña Masters Madrid men's tennis tournament until Caja Mágica was opened. It has a maximum seating capacity of 12,000 seats.

It is owned by the City Hall of Madrid and is managed by Empresa Municipal Campo de las Naciones.

It has a maximum capacity of 10,248 spectators for basketball and 12,000 for boxing and 30,000 m². Its dome is 11,000 m² and is supported by a three-dimensional structure supported on 181 piles. It has a skylight that can be opened, letting in natural light. The facade is composed of a double curve of glass, very light and variable transparency.

CB Estudiantes played its matches in the Madrid Arena from 2005 to 2010. It has signed a five-year contract with an option for another five. It hosted also all the games of the second round of the Eurobasket 2007.

Madrid Arena tragedy

On November 1, 2012 a human stampede in a Halloween party resulted in five girls crushed to death. Party's organizers were allowed to sell 9,000 tickets, but much more people entered, the judge having gathered more than 19,000 tickets. Few days after it was announced that the Madrid Arena was not going to host the Handball World Championship as forecasted due to its safety problems.



  • Line 6: Alto de Extremadura station.
  • Line 10: Lago station.

Major sporting events held at the arena

  • Masters Series Madrid (annually from 2002 to 2008)
  • WTA Tour Championships (7–12 November 2006)
  • EuroBasket 2007 second round (September 2007)

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