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Maria Grey Training College was a training college for teachers from 1878-1976.


The college was opened as the Teachers’ Training & Registration Society College on 1 May 1878 in the Clergy House, Skinner Street, Bishopsgate (now Pindar Street). The Teachers’ Training & Registration Society was created by the Women's Education Union to promote women’s right to education and the professional recognition of female teachers.<ref name ='Maria Grey Collection'>Template:Cite web Template:Dead link</ref> The Society was promoted by Maria Georgina Grey who had also been fundamental in the founding of the Union. In 1885 it moved to Fitzroy Square, and in March 1886 it was renamed Maria Grey College after its founder.<ref name='Maria Grey Collection'/> In 1946 it moved to Twickenham. In 1976 the College merged with Borough Road College and Acton & Chiswick Polytechnic to form the West London Institute of Higher Education.<ref name='Maria Grey Collection'/> In 1995 the West London Institute of Higher Education became part of Brunel University. The site was sold when the department moved to Uxbridge in 2005.

Primary sources

The records of the College are now held in the Brunel University Archives.



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