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Template:Unreferenced Template:Infobox settlement Marinkova Bara (Serbian Cyrillic: ????????? ????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Voždovac.


Marinkova Bara (Serbian for "Marinko's bog") is located in the northern section of the municipality, along the southern side of the Belgrade-Niš highway, in the valley of the Mokroluški potok. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Dušanovac (west), Bra?e Jerkovi? (south), Medakovi? (south-east & east) and Konjarnik (north, across the highway).


Marinkova Bara originates from the 1920s and 1930s when the small village was the eastern suburb of Belgrade. It is mostly a low-class neighborhood, with the common yards and small, individual houses. Most of the population are the Romani, but as the neighborhood is old, it is fully urbanized and thus not classified as an informal settlement. It is known for many small stores, repair and craftsmen shops, etc. Some of the installations of the Serbian power company, Elektrodistribucija and facilities of the Belgrade's communal company are located in the western parts of the neighborhood.

Siva Stena

Siva Stena (???? ?????) is the southern extension of Marinkova Bara, formerly considered to be one the same neighborhood. Today, center of the neighborhood is located around the street of the same name, which connects Bra?e Jerkovi? street on the west and Zaplanjska street on the east. Many areas of former Marinkova Bara-Siva Stena neighborhood which was periphery of Belgrade before World War II are today occupied by the Central Cemetery, built in 1939, while the eastern and southern extensions were detached and since the 1960s urbanized into the modern neighborhoods of Medakovi? I and Bra?e Jerkovi?, respectivelly.

Today, Siva Stena forms a local community (mesna zajednica), administrative sub-municipal unit, within the municipality of Voždovac and forms urban connection between the neighborhoods of Marinkova Bara, Medakovi? I, Bra?e Jerkovi?, Dušanovac and Voždovac itself. It had a population of 6,960 by the 2002 Census of population.

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