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Mark Lane tube station is a disused station on the Circle and District lines of the London Underground.

It is named after Mark Lane, the street on which it is located, west of the modern Tower Hill station that replaced it in 1967.Template:Sfn


The station was originally opened on 6 October 1884Template:Sfn to replace the short-lived Tower of London station, which was closed when the Metropolitan Railway and Metropolitan District Railway were connected to form the Circle line and a new larger station had to be built.Template:Sfn

File:Mark Lane station 1908 map.jpg
Mark Lane shown on part of a 1908 Tube map.

On 1 September 1946 the station was renamed from Mark Lane to Tower Hill.Template:Sfn

The station became disused due to overwhelming passenger numbers and there was little space available for expansion. It was closed on 4 February 1967, and the present Tower Hill station was opened as its replacement, on the same site as the original station that had closed in 1884.Template:Sfn

The sub-surface section of Mark Lane station can still be seen between Monument and Tower Hill, though only one platform on the eastbound track now remains due to redevelopment of the track. The surface station, sited in Seething Lane, can be seen in the form of a subway under the road, where large white grilles now cover the original stairways down to the platforms.

The offices above the station were called Mark Lane Station Buildings, and this can still be read above an entrance.

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