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Template:Refimprove Template:Infobox UK place Maryland is a location in east London, England. It forms the northeastern part of Stratford in the London Borough of Newham. The area borders Leytonstone to the north, Stratford New Town to the west and Forest Gate to the east, with the centre of Stratford to the south-west.



Maryland's earliest known recorded appearance is on a map of Essex published by J. Oliver in 1696, where it is marked as 'Maryland Point'. The name originated with a rich local merchant who bought land and built in the area having returned from the American colony of Maryland. London's Maryland is therefore an unusual example of a place in Britain named after an American location, rather than vice versa.

Various attempts have been made to identify the merchant. The most likely candidate seems to be Richard Lee (d. 1664), progenitor of Robert E. Lee, who emigrated to Virginia around 1640. His estate there included land on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, near a place known as Maryland Point (later to be the site of the Maryland Point Light). On returning to England in 1658, Lee bought land in Stratford, and in 1662 was recorded as owning a large house there.

Notable people associated with Maryland

  • Charles Edmund Clutterbuck, stained glass artist
  • Dorothy Kilner (1755–1836), children's writer
  • Anna Kingsford, anti-vivisectionist, theosophist, suffragette and campaigner for women's rights, née Bonus, born Maryland Point 1846
  • Tempa T, Grime artist and creator of underground hit "Next Hype"



  • Maryland Station is served by trains operated by Greater Anglia, with a frequency of approximately 10 minutes in each direction. Trains towards central London stop at Stratford before terminating at Liverpool Street station, with a journey time of just 10 minutes. To the East, trains run a stopping service terminating at Shenfield. Maryland Station will be served by Crossrail trains when that project is completed.
  • Maryland is served by bus routes 69 (24hr), 257, 308, and night bus N8.


Maryland is notorious in the London borough of Newham as a crime and gang related area.

Even though the regeneration of Stratford for the Olympics saw some improvment,many parts of Maryland were neglected. The "Maryland Bloods" operate in the area and are known to the police for gang violence,kidknappings ,firearms and drug dealing. There main hostilities are with the "Loyal Soldiers"gang from Leytonstone and the "Chad Green" gang from Plaistow,but many personal disputes with other gangs exist. Police have identified 3 different "sets" within the gang wich are members from around the Alma estate,Maryland road estate and the Chatsworth estate. Recently in 2013 however trident carried out a series of gang raids which saw members imprisoned which has led to a vast decline in open gang activity and violence with enemies.


For details of education in Maryland see the List of schools in the London Borough of Newham



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