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Areal view of the Max-Planck-Institute for Physics with assembly hall (left) and lecture hall (right)

thumb The Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) is a physics institute in Munich, Germany that specializes in High Energy Physics and Astroparticle physics. It is part of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and is also known as the Werner Heisenberg Institute, after its first director in its current location.

The founding of the institute traces back to 1914, as an idea from Fritz Haber, Walther Nernst, Max Planck, Emil Warburg, Heinrich Rubens. On October 1, 1917, the institute was officially founded in Berlin with Albert Einstein as the first head director. In October 1922, Max v. Laue succeeded Einstein as managing director. Einstein gave up his position as a director of the institute in April 1933. In June 1942, Werner Heisenberg took over as managing director.

A year after the end of fighting in Europe in World War II, the institute was moved to Göttingen and renamed the Max Planck Institute for Physics, with Heisenberg continuing as managing director. In 1946, Carl-Friedrich v. Weizsacker and Karl Wirtz joined the faculty as the directors for theoretical and experimental physics, respectively.

In 1955 the institute made the decision to move to Munich, and soon after began construction of its current building, designed by Sep Ruf. The institute moved into is current location on September 1, 1958 and took on the new name the Max Planck Institute fore Physics and Astrophysics, still with Heisenberg as the managing director. In 1991, the institute was split into the Max Planck Institute for Physics, the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics and the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics.

Current and Former Directors

The current directorial board of the institute is

  • Sigfried Bethke
  • Allen Caldwell (Current managing director)
  • Georgi Dvali
  • Wolfgang Hollik
  • Dieter Lüst
  • Masahiro Teshima

Former directors of the institute include:

  • Ludwig Biermann
  • Heinz Billing
  • Gerd Buschhorn
  • Peter Debye
  • Hans-Peter Dürr
  • Albert Einstein
  • Gerhard von Gierke
  • Fritz Haber
  • Werner Heisenberg
  • Leon Van Hove
  • Max von Laue
  • Walther Nernst
  • Max Planck
  • Heinrich Rubens
  • Norbert Schmitz
  • Leo Stodolsky
  • Emil Warbug
  • Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker
  • Karl Wirtz


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