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thumb Mezipatra is a Czech specialized film festival screening films with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender theme.

The name Mezipatra in Czech means "mezzanine", i.e. the space between individual floors: a symbolic space for meeting of all kinds of people, regardless of their particularities. Main organizer of the festival is STUD Brno, civic association of gays, lesbians and friends.


The Czech GLBT Film Festival was founded in 2000. The first edition of the festival, then named ‘Duha nad Brnem’ (Rainbow over Brno), introduced 8 feature and documentary films, 3 theatre performances and 3 fine art exhibitions to an audience of 800. The third edition, under its new title Mezipatra, expanded from Brno to Prague.

The fifth edition stressed the international ambitions of the festival by growing attendance of international artist. 8,000 viewers attended 67 film screenings and other 20 events – theatre performances, stage readings, exhibitions and music performances. The festival experienced a further expansion – the first Echoes took place in Hradec Králové.

The sixth edition took place in Brno, Prague and for the first time in ?eský T?šín. 90% of films were introduced as Czech premieres. The film program was broadened by four photograph exhibitions, two of which were created exclusively for the festival as reflections of the main topic, two panel discussions, and a stage reading night, literary night, two concerts and record-breaking fifteen theatre performances. The festival attracted 8,500 viewers.

The seventh edition took place in Brno, Prague and ?eský T?šín. In the two main cities, 85 films were screened and there were 30 events in off-program. Festival prizes were created by Zdenek Vacek, a reputable designer and winner of the prestigious competition Designblok. The festival closing was moderated by actress Ivana Uhlirova, holder of Alfred Radok Prize for Talent of the Year. The patronage was accepted by Václav Havel and Pavel Bém, Mayor of the City of Prague. The interest of wide range of viewers was projected in the attendance of 10,500 viewers.

Václav Havel and Pavel Bém accepted the patronage of the following year’s eighth edition too. In 2007, the main topic was rebellion, and 95 screenings in 9 cinemas were shown. Festival Echoes took place in ?eský T?šín, Olomouc and also in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic. In 2007 the festival spot was created by Michal Pechoucek, one of the most outstanding figures of the young generation of artists and a laureate of the Jindrich Chaloupecky Prize. During the Prague section, the second channel of the Public Czech Television broadcast the festival daily Mezipatra Minutes.


At of the 4th edition, Mezipatra introduced jury awards. The winners have been:

Main Jury Award for Best Feature Film

  • 2012: Keep the Lights On, Ira Sachs, USA
  • 2011: Trigger, Bruce McDonald, Canada
  • 2010: 80 Days (80 Egunean), Jon Garaño & José Mari Goenaga, Spain
  • 2009: Morrer como um homem, João Pedro Rodrigues, France/Portugal
  • 2008: My Friend from Faro (Mein Freund aus Faro), Nana Neul, Germany
  • 2007: Les Témoins, André Téchiné, France
  • 2006: Whole New Thing, Amnon Buchbinder, Canada
  • 2005: Cachorro, Miguel Albaladejo, Spain
  • 2004: Do I Love You?, Lisa Gornick, UK
  • 2003: Oi! Warning, Benjamin & Dominik Reding, Germany

Student Jury Award for Best Short Film

  • 2012: Dont brejk maj Turbofolk hart, Miona Bogovic, Serbia/Germany
  • 2011: Two Beds, Kanoko Wynkoop, USA
  • 2010: Tom, Nimrod Shapira, Israel
  • 2009: Haboged, Tomer Velkoff, Israel
  • 2008: Bræðrabylta (Wrestling), Grímur Hákonarson, Iceland
  • 2007: Who's the Top?, Jennie Livingston, USA
  • 2006: Offerte speciali, Gianni Gatti, Italy
  • 2005: Nights in Love (Kär i natten), Håkon Liu, Sweden
  • 2004: Thick Lips Thin Lips, Paul Lee, Canada

Audience Award for Best Feature Film

  • 2012: Cloudburst, Thom Fitzgerald, Canada
  • 2011: Weekend, Andrew Haigh, UK
  • 2010: Sasha, Dennis Todorovic, Germany
  • 2009: Patrik 1,5, Ella Lemhagen, Sweden
  • 2008: Breakfast with Scot, Laurie Lynd, Canada
  • 2007: The Bubble (Ha-Buah), Eytan Fox, Israel
  • 2006: Whole New Thing, Amnon Buchbinder, Canada
  • 2005: Supper Man, Albert Vlk, Slovakia
  • 2004: Mambo Italiano, Émile Gaudreault, USA/Canada
  • 2003: Together (Tillsammans), Lukas Moodysson, Sweden/Denmark/Italy
  • 2002: Le fate ignoranti, Ferzan Özpetek, Italy/France
  • 2001: All About My Mother (Todo sombre mi madre), Pedro Almodóvar, Spain/France


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