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Miljakovac (Serbian Cyrillic: ?????????, Template:IPA-sh) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Rakovica.


Miljakovac is located on the northern outskirts of the Miljakovac wood (Miljakova?ka šuma), on the slopes of the Miljakovac hill, 193 meter high, to the south. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Kanarevo Brdo on the north and Rakovica on the west. It consists of three sub-neighborhoods: Miljakovac I and Milljakovac II which make one continuous built-up area with each other and the rest of Belgrade, and Miljakovac III, further into the Miljakovac wood. All three are residential areas, with a combined population of 18,890 in 2002.

Miljakovac I

Miljakovac I is the oldest section of Miljakovac and was developed as a residential area for the workers in the highly industrialized Rakovica, and their families. It makes an urban connection between Rakovica, as its eastern extension, and Kanarevo Brdo. During the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, the area suffered a lots of collateral damage because of the constant bombing of the Straževica hill with underground military facilities, which is in several kilometers further to the south, but in the same level as Miljakovac I and without any natural obstacles in between. It had a population of 13,427 in 2002.

Miljakovac II

Miljakovac II is an eastern extension of Miljakovac I, developed on the northeastern section of the Miljakovac wood. It had a population of 5,463 in 2002 (including Miljakovac III).

Miljakovac III

The newest section of Miljakovac, less than a kilometer to the south from Miljakovac II, to which it makes no urban connection. The neighborhood developed on the southern slopes of the Miljakovac Hill and woods of Miljakovac and Manastir (Manastirska šuma). The area originally developed in the 1990s as a new settlement of Belgrade's rich and famous, but has grown significantly since then, though still has the least developed infrastructure of all three sections of Miljakovac, and streets still have no names assigned to them.