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Template:Infobox settlement Moieciu (Template:Lang-de) is a commune in Bra?ov County, Romania. It is located 29 km south of Bra?ov, within the Bran Pass.

The commune is composed of six villages: Cheia, Drumul Carului, M?gura, Moieciu de Jos (the commune center), Moieciu de Sus and Pe?tera. M?gura and Pe?tera are on the eastern side of the Piatra Craiului Mountains.

The last years brought to Moieciu a lot of tourists eager to spend their free time in an environment with fresh air and tranquility at an altitude of 1100 metres. The landscape surrounding the area is wonderful and in the winter tourists from all over come to spend their holidays here. The entire area is full of history and legends. At only 6 miles you can visit the one of the most famous castles in the world Bran Castle the residence of Dracula. This castle was built in the 14th century, but nevertheless this amazing construction retains even today the authenticity of those days and attracts millions of tourists each year.

The resort can offer tourists a lot of sights like "La Chisatoarea" one of the most beautiful waterfalls, two spectacular caves; "Valea Cetatii" and "Dambovicioarei", The Medieval Border Bran, The Mausoleum from Mateias and not least the Sub-Carpathians landscapes.

For the winter sports lovers there are opportunities for skiing in Moeciu, for example "Cheile Gradistei" ski slope has a length 470 metres and equipped with a ski lift and night lighting system. Moieciu can offer all the conditions for you to enjoy a perfect vacation.



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