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Template:Infobox settlement Moneghetti is a north central residential district and tourist area; part of the traditional Quartier of La Condamine in the Principality of Monaco.<ref name=autogenerated3>2012 Statistics</ref> However, some observe Moneghetti as an effective fifth Quartier of the Monaco, having a very distinct atmosphere and topography when compared with low-lying La Condamine. It is also one of the ten modern administrative Wards of Monaco.<ref name=autogenerated3 />


Moneghetti lies on the north center side of the country, just north of La Condamine.<ref name=autogenerated2>Monaco - Geography / About Monaco / Monaco Official Site</ref> Moneghetti is generally considered part of La Condamine, even though it is its own administrative Ward.<ref name=autogenerated2>Monaco - Geography / About Monaco / Monaco Official Site</ref> It runs directly along the neighboring French town of Beausoleil, as well as the Monégasque Wards of, La Colle, La Condamine, Les Révoires, and Saint Michel.<ref name=autogenerated3 />


Moneghetti is the fourth smallest ward in Monaco in terms of population, and the second smallest in terms of land size. Saint Michel has a Population of 3,003 and is 0.10 km².

Monaco has ten state-operated schools, four private schools, and one university. Two state schools, and the university's only regional office are located in Moneghetti.<ref>Schooling & Education in Monaco - AngloINFO Monaco (France)</ref>


Moneghetti has a large role on tourism in the Principality, with almost 50 hotels and bed & breakfasts, located here, however, many of the hotels have only 15 to 20 room accommodations.


Situated in an area where the Alps drop directly down to the Mediterranean Sea; Moneghetti is noted for its steep inclines. Its parish church, the church of the Sacred Heart, contains the headquarters of the Association des Guides et Scouts de Monaco. Monaco's only railway station Monaco-Monte Carlo is located on the Moneghetti-Beausoleil border. The Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince operate their chief barracks in central Moneghetti.

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