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Morii Lake ("Lacul Morii") is the largest lake in Bucharest,<ref name="ShowLaculMorii">Show aeronautic pe Lacul Morii,, May 27, 2011</ref> with an area of 246 ha.<ref name="În ADMINISTRARE">Template:Cite web</ref> The lake is approximately 6 km from the center of Bucharest (Pia?a Unirii) and is located between: Polytechnic University of Bucharest neighborhood to the East, Cranga?i and Giule?ti districts at North, Militari district at South. The type of it is accumulation lake, made in 1986 mainly to protect the city against floods.<ref name="LaculMoriiEcoDateaza1986">Lacul Morii din Capital?, ecologizat de elevii de la "Grigore Moisil" Romania Libera, April 16, 2010</ref> It is also a recreation area.<ref name="ShowLaculMorii"/> It provides a constant flow on Dâmbovi?a river in the capital. The lake was built by a dam 15 m high, with a central body of concrete, earth dams extended lengthwise with a total length of 7 km. Lake volume is 14.7 million m³, with a flood mitigation portion of 1.6 million m³, beyond the normal retention. Effectively, to mitigate flooding, the lake volume can be increased when floods are predicted. Making a lake near an urban area required decommissioning of existing uses, including demolition and decommissioning of a church.

On the south of Morii Lake there is a peninsula.

Morii Lake Island

On the north part of the lake is situated Morii Lake island, the only island of Bucharest.<ref name="InsulaLaculMorii">Bucurestiul are o insula. Cum procedam?, HotNews, September 7, 2005</ref> On the island some volunteers planted 475 trees in 2011.<ref name="InsulaLaculMoriiArbori">Voluntarii DTZ Echinox au plantat 450 de copaci pe insula Lacul Morii din Bucure?ti, April 20, 2011</ref><ref name="InsulaLaculMorii475Puieti"> Voluntariat pentru „inverzirea” insulei „Lacul Morii”, April 20, 2011</ref> There were some big music concerts organized on the Morii Lake island.<ref name="InsulaLaculMoriiConcertProdigy">Coke Live pe insula de pe Lacul Morii Best, Apr 20, 2007</ref><ref name="InsulaLaculMoriiFestival">Festival international pe Insula Lacul Morii May 30, 2007</ref>

Water-sports, Shows, Concerts and Festivals on Morii Lake

The lake is used as a recreation area and there are boat and water-sport contests and shows including air shows.<ref name="ShowLaculMoriiParasute">Spectacol aeronautic deasupra Lacului Morii din Capital? Realitatea TV, Sep 18, 2010</ref> Coke Live Music Festival and other concerts were organised on Morii Lake area.<ref name="InsulaLaculMoriiConcertProdigy"/><ref name="InsulaLaculMoriiFestival"/> Windsurfing is very popular on Morii Lake. There are windsurf courses on the lake,<ref name="WindsurfLaculMorii">Windsurf pe lacul Morii Wall Street Ro August 12, 2011</ref> but water-ski, skijet and other water sports are also popular.

Morii Lake is mentioned in poetry "Pe Lacul Morii" by Ana Blandiana.<ref name="PoezieLaculMorii">Pe Lacul Morii retrieved on Oct 26, 2011</ref>

Projects for Morii Lake

There are projects to make Morii Lake a travel destination.<ref name="LaculMoriiAmenajare">Lacul Morii din Bucuresti va fi amenajat cu 1,43 mil. euro Wall Street Ro, June 10, 2010</ref> There are also projects to make the Lacul Morii area a modern residential, commercial and business area.<ref name="LaculMoriiProject">SL Group Lacul Morii Project, retrieved on Oct 26, 2011</ref> Another project is a highway tunnel which will link Morii Lake to Civic Center (Unirii Square) and A1 freeway<ref name="LaculMoriiTunel">Oprescu ar vrea un tunel între Lacul Morii ?i ie?irea spre autostrada A1 Curierul National, Feb 11, 2011</ref>