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The Munich School of Political Science (German: Hochschule für Politik) is an independent institution within the University of Munich. It is solely dedicated to political science as course of studies and located in the borough Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany. Most of the faculty consists of professors from other universities in Munich, i.e. University of Munich and Bundeswehr University of Munich, who additionally teach at the Munich School of Political Science.


The Munich School of Political Science was founded on 14 July 1950. Based on a law of 27 October 1970, it is an independent institution affiliated with the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. This makes the Munich School of Political Science the only university in Bavaria based on an own specific state law. All other non-private universities in Bavaria are subject to the Bavarian State Law on Higher Education (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz). Though the HfP is an independent institution, its degrees are conferred by the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. Since 16 February 1981, the HfP has the status of a statutory corporation under public law. Unlike most other German universities, the Munich School of Political Science has kept the traditional German Diplom and has not switched to the Bachelor and Master system according to the Bologna Process. On 1 January 2007, HfP was granted the right to confer doctorates and can thus confer the degree of “Doctor Scientarium Politicarum” (



The Munich School teaches Political Science as an integrative and synoptic science and is organized in the following Departments (German: Lehrbereiche), each headed by a two spokespersons:

Political Theory and Philosophy (Lehrbereich I)

  • Henning Ottmann
  • Ulrich Weiß

Law and State (Lehrbereich II)

  • Heinrich Oberreuter
  • Rupert Stettner

Economics and Society (Lehrbereich III)

  • Nils Goldschmidt
  • Heinz Steinmüller

International Relations and Contemporary History (Lehrbereich IV)

  • Carlo Masala
  • Rudolf Streinz


The Zeitschrift für Politik is a journal published quarterly by HfP. Apart from current political events, it also discusses classical works on political theory and social science. The Zeitschrift für Politik is the oldest journal on political science in Germany (established in 1907).


The library of the HfP contains over 45,000 books and over 150 journals with a focus on subjects relevant for the curriculum taught at HfP.

Notable alumni

  • Géza Andreas von Geyr (*1962), Vice-President of the Bundesnachrichtendienst
  • Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (*1971), former German Minister of Defence (2009-2011)
  • Katharina Holzinger, Prorektor of the University of Konstanz
  • Franz Maget (* 1953), Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group in the Landtag of Bavaria
  • Gerhard Polt, (born 1942), actor and cabaret artist
  • Sascha Spoun (* 1969), President of the University of Lüneburg
  • Edmund Stoiber (* 1941), former Minister-President of Bavaria (1993-2007)
  • Eleni Torossi (* 1947), author
  • Udo Voigt (* 1952), former leader of the NPD (1996-2011)



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