Museo Nazionale Alinari della Fotografia

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File:Loggia Santa Maria Novella.JPG
Ospedale di San Paolo, which houses the museum

The Museo Nazionale Alinari della Fotografia (MNAF - National Museum Alinari of Photography), formerly Museo della Storia della Fotografia Fratelli Alinari is a photography museum located on the piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence (Italy). It hosts special exhibitions on a regular basis and possesses 350.000 vintage prints from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Since 1 November 2006 it is located in the Ospedale di San Paolo, a former pilgrims' hostel that was later transformed into a school. Before that the museum was in the Palazzo Rucellai and in the premisses of the Fratelli Alinari. It was the first museum of Italy to be devoted exclusively to photography.

The collection is continuously expanded with acquisitions and donations and contains works by, among others:

  • Robert AndersonTemplate:Dn
  • Vincenzo Balocchi
  • Carlo Baravalle
  • Felice Beato
  • Alphonse Bernoud
  • Samuel Bourne
  • Bill Brandt
  • Roger Fenton
  • Frédéric Flacheron
  • Wilhelm von Gloeden
  • Paul Graham
  • Robert McPherson
  • Carlo Mollino
  • Luciano Morpurgo
  • Carlo Naya
  • Mario Nunes Vais
  • Domenico Riccardo Peretti Griva
  • Giuseppe Primoli
  • Roberto Rive
  • James Robertson
  • Giorgio Sommer
  • Giuseppe Wulz

The museum exhibits also thousands of photo albums, cameras, objectives and other objects connected with the history of photography.


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