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File:Palatul Romanit - Muzeul Colec?iilor.jpg
The Museum of Art Collections (Palatul Romanit)

The Museum of Art Collections is a branch of the National Museum of Art of Romania and is situated in Bucharest. It contains 44 collections donated to the Romanian State beginning with 1927 by the families of: Hurmuz Aznavorian, Dumitru and Maria ?tef?nescu, Josefina and Eugen Taru, Emanoil Romulus Anca and Ortansa Dinulescu Anca, Garabet Avakian, Mircea Petrescu and Artemiza Petrescu, Sandu Lieblich, Sic? Alexandrescu, Clara and Anatol E. Baconsky, Sorin Schächter, Céline Emilian, Marcu Beza – Hortensia and Vasile Beza, Alexandra and Barbu Sl?tineanu, Béatrice and Hrandt Avakian.

The museum lapidarium hosts stone carved items of old Romanian art, among which a few pieces extracted from V?c?re?ti Monastery, demolished in 1986 at Nicolae Ceausescu's order.

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