Museum of Communism, Czech Republic

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The Museum of Communism in Czech Republic (Template:Lang-cs), located at Na P?íkop? 10 in Prague, Czech Republic, is a museum dedicated to presenting an account of the post–World War II Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in general and Prague in particular. Situated above a McDonald's and next door to a casino just off Wenceslas Square, the Museum of Communism offers an immersive look at life behind the Iron Curtain. Genuine artifacts, informative text, and multimedia presentations keep alive the memory of what the Museum calls "Communism—the Dream, the Reality, and the Nightmare".

The Museum was founded by an American businessman, Prague bagel mogul Glenn Spicker. Spicker, educated in political science at the University of Connecticut and Essex University, himself gathered much of the museum's collection of artifacts of the communist era at flea markets and junk shops in the Prague area. The Museum first opened its doors December 26, 2001, featuring exhibits created by its curator, Czech documentarian Jan Kaplan, and annotated by retired Charles University professor ?estmír Krá?mar.

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