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The Museum of cacao and chocolate (French Musée du cacao et du chocolat, Dutch Museum van cacao en chocolade) is a privately held museum in Bruxelles, Belgium, established in 1998 at the initiative of Gabrielle Draps, the wife of a famous Belgian chocolate artisan Joseph "Jo" Draps, founder of the Godiva Chocolatier.


Gabrielle Draps represented the third gerneration of a Belgian chocolate artisans and was married to the founder of the Godiva chocolate manufacturer Jo Draps. She opened the museum in 1998 in the De Valck building (dating from 1697), and it was taken over by her daughter, Peggy van Lierde, in 2007.

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The chocolate and cacao products follow a long tradtition in Belgium. The praline is an innovation of Belgian chocolate artisan Jean Neuhaus.