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The Naprstek Museum is a museum of Asian, African and American art is one of several permanent exhibitions of National Muzeum at Bethlehem Square (Betlemske namesti) which is located in the compound of former brewery and wine-making U Halanku at the Old Town.

Originally private museum was founded in 1862 by Czech patriot, patron of the arts, politician and national revitalist Vojtech Naprstek in his former family brewery as Czech Industrial Muzeum which after his death became Ethnographic Museum and after WWII it has been focused on outside European cultures.

In the 19th century it served as one of the cultural and educational centres of Czech intelligentsia. A lot of its collections comes from Mr Naprstek and his friends from Czech expatriates, travellers and ethnographers. The museum itself has huge collections from which publicly available is only a part.

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