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Négone is a proprietary live role playing game held mostly in a purpose-built environment.

Game Description

In a physical indoor space, an adventure is played out in themed rooms and scenes. The player must go through the scenes, interacting with the environment to accomplish the goals of the game. This the player does through physical tasks and by solving puzzles, earning points towards the success of the mission. Time for tasks is limited.

Before entering the game, each player is given a small wristband computer which allows him to interact with the environment. It also allows the system to gather information about user actions using RFID and infrared technologies.

Users can continue game on the Internet and using cellular phones.


Négone was created by the Spanish company DifferendGames, S.A., founded in 2002. Version 1.0., “La Maquina” (The Machine) opened in July 2003 at a Shopping Mall on the south of Madrid.

Version 2.0 was deployed in downtown Madrid on 27 October 2005, near the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Note: Currently, Négone is closed to the public.

Négone “The Escape” (“La Fuga”)

La Fuga replicates a futuristic 31st century prison, named Mazzinia.

The World of “The Escape”

The player mission is to escape. In this future a global institution governs the whole earth, using sophisticated control mechanisms over all human beings. They arrest everyone under suspicion of questioning any of the imposed traits. Thinking, Feeling and Doubting are crimes.

The Game

At the beginning of the game the player is led to a set of cells. Going throughout the garbage dumps, service areas and decontamination rooms the player has to reach the forbidden areas like the laboratory, the arsenal or the vital system.

A rebel hackers group called Free Mazzinia Command offers help from the outside. Following their directions gives the player the best opportunity for escape.

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