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Template:Coord Template:Infobox company NIPO Software is a major worldwide Market Research and Enterprise Feedback Management software provider. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has branches in Hong Kong and Argentina. NIPO targets Market Research agencies around the world with software products for feedback / data collection, panel management, data processing, analysis, and reporting.

File:NIPO Software old Logo.jpg
NIPO's previous logo

NIPO was founded in September 1945 as the Dutch Institute for Public Opinion by Wim de Jonge and Jan Stapel. In the 1970s, some people working for NIPO, that was considered then the leading market research company in the Netherlands, started developing software for data collection and analysis. In 1999 NIPO was purchased by Taylor Nelson Sofres.

In 2011 the company started developing new platform called Nfield Web & Mobile which will gradually replace the current NIPO Fieldwork System. In early 2012 NIPO Software integrated the NIPO Fieldwork System with the official Facebook and Twitter API’s. Through this integration it became possible to invite fans on those Social network fans pages to participate in research projects.


The Software suite NIPO Fieldwork System (NFS) include:

  • NIPO Web Server
  • NIPO FMS Server
  • NIPO FMS Client
  • NIPO WEB/CATI Manager
  • NIPO ODIN Developer
  • NIPO CATI Client
  • NIPO CAPI Preview

Software that are not part of the NFS Software suite include:

  • Nvision Script- used for delivering Market Research data collected with the NIPO Software Fieldwork System or with any other data collection platform that is able to export the collected data in the Triple-S format.
  • NField Code- used for coding open answers from surveys.