Oratory of St Thomas Aquinas (Florence)

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Template:Infobox religious building thumb The Oratory of St. Thomas Aquinas is located in Via della Pergola in Florence. The simple facade stands across the street from the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova; it was initially the site of the Congregation of the Noble Contemplatives (Congregazione dei Contemplanti dei Nobili), founded by a Dominican monk, named fra Santi di Cini, from the Convent of San Marco. In 1568, the painter Santi di Tito, designed the chapel of the confraternity, and it was dedicated it to St. Thomas Aquinas. Santi also painted the altarpiece of the Crucifixion and St. Thomas Aquinas (in restoration). The vestibule has quadratura painted in 1782 by the painters Grix and Stagi. The altar has walls decorated in elaborate and fine scagiole by Carlo Ghibertoni. The ceiling was decorated in 1710 with quadratura by Rinaldo Botti, and depicts the Glory of St Thomas painted by Camillo Sagrestani and Ranieri del Pace. In the seventeenth century, the oratory became a hospice for pilgrims, and in 1775, rites were suppressed. The oratory has recently been reconsecrated and holds services.