Padina (Belgrade)

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Template:Infobox settlement Padina (Serbian Cyrillic: ??????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Zvezdara.

Padina is located in the south-western section of the municipality, right on the border of the municipality of Voždovac, on the northern slope of the 234 metres-high hill of Mokroluško brdo, thus the name (Serbian padina, slope). It is a residential area on the edge of the city, spreading from the central street of the same name (Padina). It borders the neighborhoods of Medakovi? III on the north, Bra?e Jerkovi? on the west while on the south-east, through the street of Cvetanova ?uprija:sh:Cvetanova ?uprija (ulica u Beogradu), it extends to the neighborhood of Veliki Mokri Lug. The neighborhood originates from the late 1980s and today has some 400 houses with 2,000 inhabitants.