Palazzo Ghisilardi Fava

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Template:Expand ItalianTemplate:Infobox building Palazzo Ghisilardi Fava located on Via Manzoni in Bologna is a Renaissance style palace, now housing the Medieval Civic Museum di Bologna and serving a site for changing exhibitions. It is also known for the rooms with frescoes (1598) painted by Ludovico, Annibale, and Agostino Carracci. They are considered among the first Baroque masterpieces.

Built for the notary and chancellor Bartolomeo Ghisilardi between 1484 and 1491 on designs of Zilio Montanari. In the courtyard of the palace, rises the medieval tower called Torre dei Conoscenti. It is so called because the house on the site was owned by the Conoscenti family in the 14th century. The tower was damaged in the earthquake of 1505. During the Mussolini era, the palaze housed the Casa del Fascio of Bologna. Across the street stands the Church of the Madonna di Galliera.


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