Palazzo Mozzi

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thumb Palazzo Mozzi or Palazzo de' Mozzi is an early Renaissance palace in Florence, Italy.

The palazzo was built by the Mozzi family between 1260 and 1273<ref name=arch>Template:Cite book</ref> as a fortification for the Ponte alle Grazie.<ref name=fo>Template:Cite web</ref> The palazzo was modified in the 14th century to a Renaissance house. The Mozzi family often hosted prominent persons such as Pope Gregory X and the Duke of Athens at the palazzo.<ref name=arch/>

In the 16th century, a plot of land was purchased behind the palazzo and was used to grow an olive grove. The grove was transformed into a garden in the 19th century when the palazzo was purchased by Stefano Bardini.<ref name=fo/> The State of Italy currently owns the palazzo and it is undergoing restoration and conversion to an art museum.


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