Palazzo dello Strozzino

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Palazzo dello Strozzino
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The interior of Cinema Odeon.

Palazzo dello Strozzino is a palazzo in Florence, Italy. was a residence of the Strozzi family, older than the larger and more prestigious Palazzo Strozzi. It was also called Palazzo delle Tre Porte for its three doorways. The palace currently houses the Cinema Odeon, designed by Marcello Piacentini, and the language school of the British Institute of Florence.

Built on land owned by Palla Strozzi, it passed to his cousins Agnolo and Palla di Novello after his exile in 1434. They ordered a renovation around 1457, with the design attributed to Filippo Brunelleschi, although other architects participated in the construction, including Michelozzo, to whom the lower façade, featuring an irregular rustication, is attributed. The first floor, with has double mullioned windows and a gentler rustication, is attributed to Giuliano da Maiano (c. 1456). Michelozzo also designed the internal courtyard (c. 1460), which had a portico with columns, destroyed to accommodate the current cinema.

The palazzo was partially demolished in the period when Florence was capital of Italy (1865).

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