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The Paracelsus Private Medical University of Salzburg (Template:Lang-de) is a private university in Salzburg, Austria.

Organization and financing

University management:

  • Rector Herbert Resch
  • Vice Rector Felix Sedlmayer
  • Chancellor Michael Nake
  • Honorary Rector Julian Frick

Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg - Private Foundation: Legal entity of the Paracelsus Medical University is the "Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg- Private Foundation." The tripartite committee reports to the Board of Trustees.

Foundation Board:

  • Prim Univ. Dr. Herbert Resch (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Markus Schwarz, MBA
  • Dr. Michael Nake

The financing of the Paracelsus Medical University is carried out for the most part through private funds. Public funding provided by local and regional government bodies (province and city of Salzburg, Salzburg Regional Authorities Association) currently make up one third of the annual budget. Furthermore, funding is guaranteed through tuition fees and cross financing from research contracts and through net income (e.g. further education courses, etc.). Being a private university, the Paracelsus Medical University is not entitled to funding from the federal government.


Constructive and beneficial partnerships in medical and scientific fields have been established with the Mayo Medical School (USA), Charles University in Prague, the universities of Yale University (USA), University of Milan (Italy), Cambridge University (UK), Capital Medical University Peking (China), University of North Florida (USA), Nurse Anesthesia program as well as the national universities.

A further intensive and longstanding partnership connects the Paracelsus Medical University with the Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg (Salzburg General Hospital) and the Christian Doppler Clinic. When the University was established, the individual clinic´s formerly autonomous departments were integrated to become University Clinic departments. The elevation to "University Clinic of the Paracelsus Medical University" followed in 2007.

In addition, the Paracelsus Medical University is able to make use of a broad-based network of academic teaching hospitals and teaching practices, particularly within the regions of Salzburg and Bavaria.

Studies and further education

Degree Courses:

  • The Study of Human Medicine: A maximum of 50 students are admitted per year. The degree course could be condensed into five years owing to the streamlined organization of the nevertheless broad syllabus. To enable the graduates to pursue an international career, the first part of the American entrance examination for medical practitioners (USMLE Step 1) is compulsory for students of the 3rd academic year. A research trimester is scheduled for the 4th year of study. International experience can be acquired both in the fourth year of study (research trimester) and in the fifth year, during the electives. Numerous opportunities are offered by the Paracelsus University’s various teaching hospitals as well as other institutions abroad (e.g. Mayo Clinic). Graduates are conferred the title MD. Degrees taken at the Paracelsus Medical University have the same legal validation as a degree from an Austrian state university.
  • Degree & Training: 2-in-1 Care Model: The "2-in-1 Care Model" is offered by the Paracelsus Medical University in collaboration with selected schools for healthcare and nursing in Austria. One education - two degrees: In a duration of 7 semesters graduates will receive the title Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) and Diploma in General Nursing and Healthcare. An ensuing masters degree is offered by the Paracelsus University.
  • Online Course of Nursing Sciences: The Institute of Nursing Sciences at the Paracelsus Private Medical University offers an online bachelor's degree in nursing sciences in a duration of 4 semesters. "Online" means the studies can be pursued part-time and avocationally, with individual time management. The actual on site attendance times at the University of Salzburg are limited to one week per academic year. The academic degree awarded is Master of Science, MSc (Nursing Sciences Supplement; Evidence Based Nursing and elective).
  • Postgraduate Degree in Medical Science: The Postgraduate Program in Medical Science at the Paracelsus Medical University is designed to equip candidates with the necessary skills for independent scientific work and to encourage interest in the medical sciences. It conveys the basic skills necessary for working in the medical sciences and the latest developments in bio-medical research. In a duration of 2 years graduates will receive the title Dr. (Human medicine), (Dentistry), Dr. (Veterinary Medicine), Dr. (Diploma) or
  • PhD in Molecular Medicine: The still very dynamic field of molekular medicine combines the most modern methods and findings in medicine with those from science disciplines such as biology, biochemistry, genetics and nanotechnology. This MD/PhD program is an interdisciplinary postgraduate degree in project-oriented molecular medicine. There is a focus on independent scientific work. Graduates receive an advanced professional qualification in teaching and research. After 3 years of studies graduates are conferred the academic title conferred is PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Molecular Medicine.
  • In addition the Paracelsus University offers a variety of postgraduate programs and degree courses.

Core institutes and research institutes

Core institutes:

  • Institute of General Practice, Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine
  • Institute of Anatomy und Musculoskeletal Research
  • Institute of Nursing Sciences
  • Institute of Pharmacology und Toxicology
  • Institute of Physiology und Pathophysiology

Research Institutes:

  • Research Institute of Molecular Regenerative Medicine
  • Research Institute of Public Health
  • Research Institute of Biomechanics
  • Research Institute Gastein
  • Research Institute of Advanced Radiation Technologies - radART
  • Research Institute of Synergetics and Psychotherapy
  • Research Institute of Metabolic Diseases

The main research areas at the Paracelsus Medical University are as follows:

  • Neurological and psychiatric diseases
  • Allergies and immunological diseases
  • Oncological diseases
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, biomechanics, sports medicine
  • Metabolic diseases and atherosclerosis

Research Programs:

  • Research Program in Music Medicine
  • Research Program in Prosthetics, Biomechanics and Biomaterials
  • Research Program in Evidence-Based Medical Diagnostics
  • Research Program in Molecular Therapy of Genodermatoses
  • Research Program in Suicide Prevention
  • Research Program in Experimental Ophtalmology and Glaucoma Research
  • Research Program in Receptor Biochemistry and Tumor Metabolism
  • Research Program for Hypoxia and Sleep Medicine Research

Research Initiative:

  • Research Initiative for Applied Cell Biology

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