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Park Royal & Twyford Abbey is a closed station on the route of the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground. It was located near Twyford Abbey Road a short distance north of the current Park Royal station which replaced it on 6 July 1931.

The station was opened on 23 June 1903 by the Metropolitan District Railway (now the District Line) on a new branch line to South Harrow and the Metropolitan Line tracks at Rayners Lane. The station was opened to serve the recently opened Royal Agricultural Society showgrounds at Park Royal; however, despite the proximity of the station (and another to the east on what is now the Central Line), the showgrounds were not successful and closed after only a few years. The second part of the station's name was adopted from the nearby Twyford Abbey.

The new Park Royal station was built for the extension of Piccadilly Line services to South Harrow and was located further south to provide access from the Western Avenue (A40) road constructed in the 1920s. Nothing of the old station remains.

Unusually, whilst the site of Park Royal & Twyford Abbey station is on the route of the modern Piccadilly Line, it was never served by Piccadilly Line trains as these did not begin to operate to South Harrow until July 1932, a year after the station closed.

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