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File:Novi beograd mz.png
Map of Local communities in Novi Beograd

Paviljoni (Serbian Cyrillic: ????????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Novi Beograd.


Paviljoni is located in the northernmost part of the municipality of Novi Beograd, on the border with the municipality of Zemun. It borders the neighborhood of Retenzija on the west, Fontana in the south, Tošin Bunar in the east and Zemun in the north. It is bounded by the streets of Goce Del?ev on the south, Radoja Daki?a on the west, Jerneja Kopitara on the north and Boulevard of Mihailo Pupin in the east.


Paviljoni constitutes a local community (mesna zajednica), sub-municipal administrative unit within the municipality of Novi Beograd. It occupies residential blocks number 7, 7-a, 8 and 8-a. Built in the 1950-1960 period, it is one of the oldest sections of Novi Beograd (construction began in 1948). According to the 2002 census of population, local community of Paviljoni had a population of 9,248. Its name is Serbian for "the pavilions"'



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