Penedo da Saudade

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thumb Penedo da Saudade is the name of an historical public garden in Coimbra, Portugal. The garden have partial views of Coimbra skyline and the Coimbra City Stadium. According to the legend, nothing remained the same after the death of Inês de Castro. It used to be a relaxing and isolated place, where D. Pedro used to come to grieve the loss of his beloved Inês. It is said that this mourning and sadness gave this place its name – Penedo da Saudade (Rock of Nostalgia). Many centuries later, it seemed to be the right place for the romantic encounters of students, and it was at this time that Coimbra Fado was born, challenging eternity with words they etched on the stone. These words represent the feelings of many generations of Coimbra students and lovers which can be seen today in the rocks of the garden.