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Template:Infobox military unit The Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) is the British tri-service headquarters from where all overseas military operations are planned and controlled. It is situated at Northwood Headquarters in Northwood, London.

The Permanent Joint Headquarters is commanded by the Chief of Joint Operations (CJO). The current CJO is Lieutenant General David Capewell.<ref name="RAF Appointments 04/08">Template:Cite web</ref> Permanent Joint Headquarters is accountable to the Commander of the UK Joint Forces Command.

The Permanent Joint Headquarters was established in April 1996 to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of UK-led joint, potentially joint and multi-national operations, and to exercise operational command of UK forces assigned to multinational operations led by others.

Mission and duties

The PJHQ’s mission is as follows:<ref name="PJHQ at">Template:Cite web</ref>


PJHQ also directs British forces in Gibraltar, Cyprus (Sovereign Base Areas), the Falkland Islands (British Forces South Atlantic Islands) and Diego Garcia.<ref name="PJHQ at"/>

There are certain areas that the headquarters was not and will not be involved in:<ref name="PJHQ at"/>

  • Strategic Nuclear Deterrent
  • Defence of the UK Home Base, Territorial Waters and Airspace
  • Northern Ireland
  • Counter-terrorism in UK (Home Office)
  • NATO Article V (General War) (NATO command structure)


The Chief of Joint Operations (CJO) is the appointment held by the 3*-ranked Officer that headed the PJHQ. The CJO is responsible for the planning and execution of UK-led joint, potentially joint, combined and multi-national operations.

April 1996 Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Wallace
February 1999 Vice Admiral Sir Ian Garnett
August 2001 Lieutenant General Sir John Reith
26 July 2004 Air Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy
March 2006 Lieutenant General Sir Nicholas Houghton
13 March 2009 Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach
December 2011 Lieutenant General Sir David Capewell

In February 2014 it was announced that Lieutenant General John Lorimer would become Chief of Joint Operations in January 2015.



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