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File:Biblical Institute of Rome.JPG
The Pontifical Biblical Institute on Piazza della Pilotta in Rome
The Pontifical Biblical Institute (it: Pontificio Istituto Biblico) in Rome, Italy is an institution of the Holy See run by the Jesuits that offers instruction at the university level. It was founded by Pope Pius X in an Apostolic Letter, Vinea Electa, in 1909 as a center of advanced studies in Holy Scripture in order to promote in the most effective manner possible the doctrine and all the connected studies, according to the spirit of the Catholic Church, according to the founding letter of 7 May 1909.

From the start the Institute has been administered by the Society of Jesus: its first Rector was the Rev. Leopold Fonck, S.J.

At first the Institute prepared students for exams at the Pontifical Biblical Commission; it was licensed in 1916 by Pope Benedict XV to grant academic degrees in the name of the Biblical Commission, and by Pope Pius XI to grant doctorates, associating the Institute with the Pontifical Gregorian University. In 1927 a branch was opened in Jerusalem. In 1932 it was reorganized by Pope Pius XII into the College of Ancient Near East Studies, commonly called the Orientalist College.

The Institute is a member of the Gregorian Consortium.


  • Leopold Fonck (1865-1930), founding rector from 1909 to 1930
  • Augustin Bea (1881-1968), rector from 1930 to 1949
  • Ernest Vogt (1903-1984), rector from 1949 to 1963
  • Roderick A. MacKenzie (1911-1994), rector from 1963 to 1969
  • Carlo Maria Martini (1927-2012), rector from 1969 to 1978
  • Maurice Gilbert (1934-), rector from 1978 to 1984
  • Albert Vanhoye (1923-), rector from 1984 to 1990
  • Klemens Stock (1934-), rector from 1990 to 1996
  • Robert F. O'Toole (1936-), rector from 1996 to 2002
  • Stephen Pisano (1946-), rector from 2002 to 2008
  • José-Maria Abrego de Lacy (1945-), rector since 2008



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